Thursday, August 30, 2007

oy, yoy yoy!

WOW! 5 days without a post! so sorry everyone! i was in Vegas for 2 out of the 5 and then trying to get back into the swing of things with the kiddos! I am still trying to recover from sin city...what happens in vegas....right?

well, we arrived in Vegas around 9:30 in the morning then it was off to brunch with Jeni's mom at the Cheesecke Factory... ooohhh, yum. while in Vegas, Jeni and I rented a car...a cutie little yellow convertable!!! here we are driving down the road! even though it was a million degrees we had the top down! this is us at the *bridal shower* Jeni's mom threw for her. it was a lot of fun! it was at the vegas decor. loved it! The other girl in the pic is Todd's sister Sharon. a long time friend!Jeni's mom did this cute little story about Jeni going on the honeymoon, and she was blindfolded and everytime she would do a new thiing on the honey moon, her mom would put on a new item of is what she looked like at the end of the story. so funny! way to go Elsa!

after the party we went to Todd and Craigs house for a little Fondu party! i love fondu, do you? it was my first time and so fun! Todd went all out, we had 3 different kinds, meat, bread and cheese and of course, CHOCOLATE! sooo good! The best part was just getting to see my old friends! i really do miss them. We picked up right where we left off last time we were all together a year ago! like not a day has passed. that is true friendship! we have all evolved together. i love that.

the 3 muska~tools! together again... then the next day it was off to the salon for a day of beauty with celeb stylist Todd! totally! he is the greatest! look what he did to my hair! it's amazing! i want to take him home with me! this style (in case you were wondering) is called *Pussycat Dolls*. because he has an exclusive contract with the *Dolls* when they are in Vegas and this is thier signature style! HeLLo!!! i love it! thanks toddy. your the best!

i also got to see my mommy! It's always great to see her. She was recovering from surgery. She is doing good though, got to see her new place. cute! did'nt take any pics though, to busy visiting. love you mom!

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