Friday, September 7, 2007

happy friday...

sorry i haven't posted...not much to report this week. schools in and the boys are busy with that. we did go to swim practice on tuesday and thursday. today, just ran errands. starting to decorate for *fall*, my fave time of year. just love the smells and colors!!! especially the colors. the *fall* palette is definitely ME! oh, i did give Jo~Squish a bang trim. he was starting to look like a mop dog. (drew a blank with the dog type). even just a trim and he looks older. we went to the park on Wenesday night because it finally cooled down!!! the weather is back to normal. 70-80 degrees and breezy! i love it. Mr. Jo was all over the place! he was crawling up the slide and all over the jungle gym. he's one of the boys! it's cute to watch him interact with the older boys. he's funny we went to park today to for while before naptime. they just wanted to swing. now look at the boys...pooped! how funny that they fell asleep on the rug.

i am so excited about this ! she a celeb in the scrappy world. on the 14th i'm on my way to LA to scrappa with Erika! yeah! new bootcamp starts monday... only 17 days!!! gotta work it out!


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erika said...

i LOVE that rug!!!

(your boys are pretty cute too!!!)

see you in a week!!!

so excited!