Wednesday, September 19, 2007

bad...bad blogger....

hi. i am hanging my head in shame. i have not been good. I have neglected my blog...sorry.

been busy trying to get the house in order before Mr. P comes home! ooooh sooo excited! 5 more days.....yipppee!

i have a lot to update...

Sunday early we went to the park for some energy burning. the boys found a jumpie and it was on! no pics of that, but did a photo shoot.

then at 1:00 we went to the concert. the boys had the best time! they were singing and dancing and got to go up on stage to sing! Jo squish was dancing! adorable! (sorry it's blurry, jo danced right off the chair at that moment)
Yes! even i got up to be silly! and Jamser with Red Grammer.
Sunday night we had *family dinner* here. yum. we sat outside on the patio and it was beautiful. the perfect time of day for picture taking...look at how great Nana and Gramps look!

the Squish discovered one of my fave food parings...french fries and vanilla ice cream! i know, gag me, but don't knock it til you try it!

and look at my budding photographer.. he took this

that was sunday...Moday i took Colbs and Jo to the *halloween store* they had so much fun! and I managed to get out of there only spending $10.00 for 2 light up squishy balls and a pair of blue Elvis shades. Colby insisted.

willy wonka, willy wonka!Last night it was so cold! so we all bundeled up in our warm jammies!
look at my big boys...this was on our way to school this morning. so BIG! i can't believe it. loves

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