Sunday, September 9, 2007

swimming with the promised

look at me! two posts in one day!

Hey, we did it! i have been threatening for some time and today we finally went to the aquarium. it was fun! The squish loved the *fishes* and walked ALOT! he was so proud of himself! it was great. Colby and James had a good time too! we had'nt been there since May and they had some new exibits. i like the aquarium and it was a *gorgeous* SoCal day! this is what we pay for! Speaking of SoCal, when Daddy gets home we have to go to this!!! we did it last year and the boys loved it, (me too). maybe we will make a weekend out of it and get a hotel, maybe see the fireworks (finally...) what do you think Jacy?
we are gearing up for your safe return. look at everyone last night. Jo-Jo was so cute! he kept pointing to the TV and saying *da-da* and smiling! it was sweet. we are so ready to see you!
tonight we are heading here for dinner. yum. the kids like it and i do enjoy thier tasty burgers!


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