Friday, September 14, 2007

oh, i guess i should post!

Hey, sorry. been a little busy...10 days!!!! HOLY MOLY! i can't believe it! i am so excited i could pee! Yes, you guessed it! Jason is coming home!!!! my lova! The boys are so excited too! it's gonna be great! check out this great new feature...

last night i went o a *Rosh Hashanah* dinner with Ariel and Jeni at Faj Mahal! it was a nice time.

during the day i took the little ones to the mall to play and have lunch. Colby wanted to try on some Halloween costumes...he loves the costumes! and Halloween. could he be any cuter?little *ratatouille* oh i love Halloween! i really want o dress up this year! maybe i can convince Jason...hmmm, what will we be? i want to be something fun! maybe have Halloween Party! that would be awesome!

So in about 15 minutes i will be heading out to LA to scrap with Erika and Jamie Waters!!! yeah! so fun! will post when i get back! with new pics!


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