Friday, September 14, 2007

oh, i guess i should post!

Hey, sorry. been a little busy...10 days!!!! HOLY MOLY! i can't believe it! i am so excited i could pee! Yes, you guessed it! Jason is coming home!!!! my lova! The boys are so excited too! it's gonna be great! check out this great new feature... video

last night i went o a *Rosh Hashanah* dinner with Ariel and Jeni at Faj Mahal! it was a nice time.

during the day i took the little ones to the mall to play and have lunch. Colby wanted to try on some Halloween costumes...he loves the costumes! and Halloween. could he be any cuter?little *ratatouille* oh i love Halloween! i really want o dress up this year! maybe i can convince Jason...hmmm, what will we be? i want to be something fun! maybe have Halloween Party! that would be awesome!

So in about 15 minutes i will be heading out to LA to scrap with Erika and Jamie Waters!!! yeah! so fun! will post when i get back! with new pics!


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