Saturday, August 25, 2007

girls night out...amongst other things...

goodbye summer.
wow! It has been a long time since i have posted... alot has been going on. First, summer is officially over and school has started with a bang! James loves his new teacher and is doing great! Colby starts school next week and has graduated to the 3 year old class!

we also had our last soccer games of the season today. Both James and Colby had games today. James had his party right after the game and Colby will have a party on Thursday. Coincidentaly, open house is the same day. what a busy family.
fall is slowly approaching... i love fall. all the beautiful colors and the sweaters!!! i love to get dressed in the fall. the cool, crisp weather...i can't wait. this tree reminds me of fall.
Last night i went out for a *pre* bachelorette party with Jeni, Meg, Mallory and two of their friends Heidi and Christy! We had a great time! First we hit *bondi* in the gaslamp for apps and a few cocktails. I had the *best *lychee Martini* YUM YUM!, then went to *lime* then to *the Bitter End*
jeni and I *modeling* hee hee! my best *come hither*. Jason...come hither....
dancing at the club!

it was nice to go out with the girls! wish Meg and Mal lived closer...they are fun girlies!

Monday it is it off to Vegas for more bridal festivities!!! woo hoo! and to see my mommy and Todd, one of my BFF's and fanciest hair dresser of all! we affectionately refer to him as the *hair whisperer* I am so *READY* for a change! i will let him work his magic!

the countdown has begun!!! only 28 days until my lova comes home!!! i am so excited!!! some nice changes have come to fruition and i can't wait to share with my lova!

here are a few new pics of the boys...

and....a new *scrappa* pageloves

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