Tuesday, August 7, 2007

summer nights are almost over...

this is the scene from the window in the kitchen, right now in real time...Colby and Jonah watering more than the plants. this is a nightly occurence. Except, tonight Colby decided to water Jonah! poor squish...I can't help but laugh, it is really is quite funny. here are the pics...judge for yourself.

what a *stinker*! and he knows it!
what are we going to do about this one! just love him i guess.
but, Jonah does'nt seen to be to upset!
james is really liking his CYT camp! He's the actor! just like his momma! He has a recital this Friday! can't wait to see it! i'm sure he'll be great! look at the trouble on their faces...Colby got a haircut! sure looks like Daddy when his hair is short...i love it! so beautiful...
no denying these two are brothers.

Jonah had his 1 year well check and shots yesterday. He did great! He's progressing just wonderfully and weighs 30lbs and is off the charts for weight! is height is 33in. that's 97th percentile! He's growing like a weed! this pic is before the shots. I did'nt get one of the shots because i had to hold him. he is STRONG! almost walking! and has willingly given up the paci...now to get rid of the bottle...ugh.

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