Tuesday, August 14, 2007

first steps...

Guess who took his first steps today?!?!?!? JO SQUISH!!! i wish i could figure out how to upload video clips cuz i got it on film!!! WOW so cute!

heres what happened... i was sitting on the couch and Jonah was in the kitchen standing by the bench and called to me in his cute little way, *mim* so i looked over and he was standing in the doorway with the biggest grin on his face! then took 3 of the sweetest, wobbliest little steps then fell down on his bum! I got teary! and jumped up and said *Jo-Jo you took your first steps! YEAH!!!, now can you do it again so i can film it?* so i grabbed my camera and set him back up in the same spot and , low and behold, he did it again!!! so awesome! he's just barely one...aahhh, our little baby...here are a few blurry in action shots of his first steps.

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