Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pure bedlam...

i honestly don't know how Colby will survive...Yesterday we had a new installment of the *injury saga*!at least this one didn't(barely) warrant a trip to the ER. He manages to get hurt, and i mean seriously, more that anyone i know.

Yesterday the boys, James, Colby, Jonah and Christian were outside playing. The older boys were teasing Colby so he was chasing them and he *face-planted* right on his nose on the brick!!! YEEOOZZA! he stood up and blood gushed! Of course James panicked, but was great in an emergency! he should be an EMT or an ER doc. Anyway, we finally got the bleeding to stop, i assessed the nose and didn't feel a break, so we just watched it at home. This pic doesn't do it justice. The area around his eye is swollen and a beautiful shade of brown/purple and there are a few cuts to go along with it. He's a tough little sh*t. no complaints and he says it doesn't hurt. what a guy.

on a happier note, Jameser started 2nd grade today! what a big kid! I can't believe we have a 2nd grader. holy moly! He says he likes his teacher ALOT and had a great first day! I'm so glad. She's a nice lady. Skinny as a rail, but still sweet! ;)~

just a smiling (walking) Jo Squish!

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