Saturday, August 4, 2007

one week to go

sorry about the blurry pic. The kids did'nt stop moving long enough for a pic. But I did get good videos. VBS is over! It went better than I expected and I had some great helpers! The kids really liked it! Here they are at the recital. so darn cute! When all the kids were asked thier fave part of VBS they all said *the Bible stories with Miss Cydne!* Now they'll probably ask me to do it next year...

This is James group. They were the best behaved group! all 7 year olds. who knew!

After that we had a pizza lunch at Christy's house and the kiddos played and had lunch while the mom's had salad and talked. this is Colby's new *spidey hat*

...and this is a pic of the moss growing on our table in the front yard...gross, but also beautiful in an artisic way.

tonight Nana, Grumps and I had a night out! We got an invite to a television preview where we gave our opinion of the programs! it was interesting. the shows were AWFUL! and i am the biggest *tv junkie* i know! OH and since when do babysitters make $15.00 an hour!!???!! wowsers! i'm so used to Shelby that when i actually have to pay, it hurts!

look at Jonah...his eyes are captivating...Jamser watering the plants out front. so cute

this is our life.

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