Friday, June 22, 2007

school's *OUT* for summer...!

today was the last day of school! HOORAY!! let he summer fun begin! We have swimming, tumbeling, acting and much, much more planned for the Palmer boys! never a moments rest! I made a *summer wheel o' FUN* the boys get to spin the wheel to decide our activity for the day! James had a *last hoorah* picnic at the park today with his 1st grade class! Lots of fun! they had relay races and soccer and BBQ and hoola hoop contests!...i don't remember having that when i was a kid.
Frankenstein has left the building... The staples are officially out!!! Colby was so brave! He had his *spiderman* pillow to help him along. aaawwweee. sooo good, he is.So *HOT* today. the boys played in their little orange pool after the picnic. nothing like naked water is so easy when your a kid! Colby and Jonah sure do look alike now..
this face *cracks* me up...he's splashing and is so happy!

so now james is off to another end of the year pool party! until 9:00pm! wow. he's a second grader.... loves

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DayDay said...

Wow! James is in the 2nd grade now!

The pictures of Colby and Jonah in the pool are precious!