Monday, June 25, 2007

hello summer, goodbye friends...

it is the first official day of summer around the Palmer house! The boys and I rang it in in style! We went to Oceanside to visit for the last time, hopefully not forever...some dear friends Cormac, Jen, Fiona and Ian, who are moving to Japan!!! how exciting for them! I brought the bouncy pool and the kids(including Cormac) had a blast! yes, that's Cormac! look at Colby! he's catching some serious air!

to bad Jamser looks so mad, his eyes are *CrAzY*
how *adorable* are these kiddos!?

James had his first swimming class of summer. It went great! They tested them at the beginning of class and moved him to the top of the class for skills! He's doing really good on his strokes and has a beautiful back stroke. I'll get some pics tomorrow.

i'm beat. goodnight


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