Wednesday, June 20, 2007

come away with me...

so last night Nana, Grumps and I went to see Nora Jones at the Bayside Concerts down at the embarcedero. It was for Nana's Birthday. It was very nice and Nora sounded *AWESOME* so clear and just like the album. She opened with *come away with me* We stayed until 9:30. Just enough, I was tired and had to get up at 5:00am. yikes! But a good time was had by all.
Shelby babysat the boys. This weekend is the *Halfway Event* the kids are looking forward to it. Colby is all ready to go, here's his outfit! what a dude! He get's the staples out on Friday......poor Dr. Daub. I hope Colby does'nt hurt him...he's very strong.
Jamser had his *CYT* recital! He did great!! He's a natural on stage! He can't wait to do it again next time! He loved it! Pics did'nt come out so good, but the video did.

anyway, nothing to exciting to report. maybe after the weekend. I'm sure i'll have tons of pics from the *halfway party*. OH, I did take the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese on Monday. The Cormacs had a farewell to Chuck-E! Fiona and Ians last Chuck-E trip for awhile and they invited us! How nice of them. We'll miss them. they leave for Japan on the 24th.

Heres a pic of my *black-eyed-pea*.....poor Big Squish! He took a header off the changing table....i know call CPS...but he's ok. looks worse than it is.

loves to you....

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