Tuesday, June 12, 2007

day 2

they have put pathways leading to the playground and the flower bed

the gardeners are working hard and fast! they are laying new sprinklers!!! woo-hoo! summer fun awaits...

we have a sicky in the house...how sweet is this pic? melt my heart.

here is what Jonah is like at 10 months.

*into everything, and i mean *EVERYTHING*


*has 8 teeth!

*laughing and playing with brothers, always

*follows me and brothers around the house

*says *help* when he wants you to pick him up or get him out of a jam...what a riot!

Jameser has only 7 days of school left!!! then he'll be a second grader....oh man.

and he moved up in boyscouts! he is now a *wolf*!!

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