Friday, June 15, 2007

oh, boy!

do i have alot to blog about! I know it's only been three days, but geez! we had an eventful few days. I do'nt even know where to start... i guess i'll start with the *F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C* yard!!!!!! Oh my! it is beautiful. better than i imagined. I know it's simple, but i'm simple. and it makes me happy. Now the only thing is, i have to keep the boys off ofit for 2 weeks!!! i don't know how i'm gonna do that. They even made a cute little place for the trash cans...our yard is *HUGE*
ok, one down. The next thing is Colby, Jonah and I went to the *OC* to visit and dear, old friend Erika.(been friends since summer of jr. high) We had a blast. I always love seeing her and how we've grown as women and moms. We have kids the same age! how funny. She's awesome and so talented. love her. I just wish we could see eachother more. now for the last, but certainly not least...story....Colby....oh, boy! let's just say i knew he'd end up in the ER sooner or later. We last night was our first (of many, i'm sure) trips to the ER. Well, here's the story. Colby and James were blowing bubbles and Colby decided to climb on the rock fountian in the front yard so he could catch the bubbles better. I told him to get down and he did'nt listen, but no sooner did i say "Get down" did the fiberglass center of said fountian, shift and he plummeded to the ground , but not before smacking his head on the brick wall by the at first, being the terrible mother that i am, had no sympathy for the young lad. So , I said, sternly " I told you not to play up there. See what happens". Now all the while he's screaming uncontrolaby. "now, get up" i said and he did'nt. So, i got down to help him and when i picked him up there was a pool of blood!!!! and it was gushing from his head!!! HOLY! James was awesome! He went right in and got my phone and some towels and said "Mom, i think you should call 911!" So i called the grumps and nana and we rushed him to Grossmont Hospital. Now Colby is the proud owner of 6, yes 6 beautiful shiny staples! and boy is he proud off them! He was so brave.

Whoo! so i guess i said mouthful.


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DayDay said...

Poor Colby! My goodness! I'm glad to hear that he is healing okay now.

I LOVE your backyard! It's gorgeous! I bet you will have a garden planted before too long...