Saturday, June 23, 2007

Argentina meets Texas....

today Jeni and Ariel had an engagement party. Both Jeni and Ariels family did BBQ. One Texan and one Argentinian. Both *delicious* !!!! one had homemade *secret sauce* BBQ sauce and the other homemade chimichurri....ooohhh myyyyy! It was a flavor explosion! Wow who knew BBQ could be so good....mmmm, mmmm

the most wonderful part of this whole thing is that Jeni is my *BFF* and Ariel is Jason's *BFF* and they were the maid of honor and best man in our wedding. I LOVE IT! they are absolutely perfect together! As soon as Jason introduced me to Ariel I immediately thought of Jeni.

i love this girl...i'm so glad she's happy! and HERE!

so in to see her in her beautiful, can't post a's a secret.

we all missed you Jacy. Everyone asked about you and sends thier well wishes and love.


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DayDay said...

They make a gorgeous couple! I love the story of how they met also!

The BBQ sounds delicious!