Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sea reald(world)

so, yesterday we went to Sea World. First off it was FREE!!!!(military) and a Monday so it was completely *UN* crowded! wow, maybe 100 people total! we saw everything we wanted and Jo got to walk freely all over. he was in heaven! first we saw the Christmas tree lot in the front of the park. the boys ran through the maze of trees. cute then it was off to the dolphin encounter...which also was free! i've never been that close to them and been able to feed and touch them. that was cool! Colby was so excited! then we went to the bat-ray encounter. Colby and Jo touched them they liked it!then it was off to the sea stars. it looks all nice... right? well right after this pic, our dear son chucked that poor sea star across the pond...i was mortified. thankfully no one else saw the event go down. we quickly exited the sea star area...tee heehere is colby in a time out after the incident...then we went to to Cirque de le Mer aquarium to see the fishies. then we had a nice lunch i packed and we saw a few more attractions and the best...Shampoo(shamu). Colby has the best vocabulary. i just love to hear what he comes up with.so all in all it was a nice day. the boys were good and the weather pleasant. no crowds and free all around. i even brought lunch. a success! Merry Christmas from San Diego!

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