Wednesday, December 5, 2007


i am here. been sooo busy. and with Jason home it's tough to spend time blogging when we can be together...know what i mean?
anyhow, he left again for 11 days...bummer. right before Christmas...bunk i tell you! But we did get to celebrate the big 33 for him before he left!!! it was nice. the rents came over and brought yummy delicious chocolate cake! just a fam thing.

i made this card for him. i like how it turned out. the chipboard was creamy colored so i just inked it with marker. me likey.

on Saturday we went on a *friends and family* cruise on the US Nimitz. we brought along our dearest friends. Jeni and Ariel. and the big Jamser! he was finally tall enough this year! he was great~! we had a blast! We saw the fighter jets do some touch and goes and some cool maneuvers! the rumble that those planes make is indescribable! it takes your breath away. seriously. James and i got silly and had our faces painted!

Sunday we went up to Julian. it's famous for it's apple pie! we had pie and hot cider and got to bundle up because it was COLD! no snow, but definitely chilly!
i love it!
we also decorated for christmas, got the tree all up and i made this cutie garland from the cosmo cricket holiday chipboard ornaments. i really likey!

thats alot! i will try to post daily again. sorry for the lapse.

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