Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 days...

HOLY! how did it get to be 5 days before Christmas!!!?!?!? wow! time sure does fly.

Well i'll update..
Last weekend we attempted our first *family hiking trip* with all the kiddos walking...well. we got about a mile or so out before all hell broke loose! I ended up carrying Colby and Jason carried Jonah, then Jason carried both. You can see Jo's blonde hair in the sun! and Colby on his shoulders. aahhh, our family. next time will be better.

i did manage to snap a pic of us before the melt downs.We also went to Santee Lakes for some snow fun! since it never snows in Southern Cali we have to bring fake snow in. but the kiddos had a blast! Jason took Colby sleding and the boys got to meet Santa. Jonah *HATES* with the power of a thousand suns, Santa.
then we went on a barge ride around the Lake.

Jonah, of course hated it too. he does'nt like much these days

So to all my readers.... Merry Christmas and warm wishes from my family to yours.


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