Wednesday, December 26, 2007

another xmas down!

cant believe this family pic! everyone looks so happy and were all looking at the camera and smiling! can't tell you how many times i tried to get a good fam pic for our christmas cards with no avail. then on chrisatams morn, on a quickie whim, i got it. amazing. i love this pic. i might just send another round of new years! all the preparation for a few minutes of joy! (not really) but it seems like it! the boys woke before the *ass crack of dawn* and proceeded to the living room where i heard a loud squeel and an *OH MY GOODNESS, GO GET MOM AND DAD!* then thud thud thud and our door swings open and the boys jump in our bed!! *SANTA WAS HERE, SANTA WAS HERE!*....and so it began, the frenzy of wrapping paper and *oooo's and ahhhhs*. it was a wonderful sight. i do love christmas. i got a new set of pots and pans...Rachel Ray style! cute! love the orange handels!!! got big J a camel-pak for hiking and also one for lil J so they can hike together. Colby was thrilled to get Sharkboy and Lavagirl toys...he loves them! For JoSquish it was a Thomas the Train Christmas...he loves trains!!! *choo choo* thats all he says, all day! it's quite cute.and the MOST coveted gift of the season....yes, we got one!!! the day before thanksgving we just got lucky at *toysrus* seriously! we lucked out! it's almost impossible to get one around these parts!

then it was off the grandparents for more christmas love! we had a great dinner! beef wellington, yuuummmm!

hope you had a merry merry!


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