Saturday, December 8, 2007

just a quickie...

today has been eventful! first we went to the*Kids Christmas Party* for the Nimitz. loads of fun! the boys bounced, played video games, had lunch, bounced some more then saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. here is the pic... Jo was not happy! they handed out presents to all the kids! how nice. Colby finally got to get his face painted. what a this was fun though. Now the boys are at the church for a *parents night out*. gotta love that! to bad J's away... it would have been nice to have a night out with my Lova. it's raining like crazy! wow! we're on day 3 of the rain. i love it! and we needed it! after all those fires.

Last night i went to our dear friends house for a Hanukkah dinner! YUM YUMMY! we had latkes and lentil soup and salad. nice light dinner! and great company...missed you lovie.

so now that i have a night free...what shall i do? i'm off to a Christmas Party with my exersise friends...hope it's not lame. I have to get the kids at 8. just a quick hello.


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