Friday, April 24, 2009

with the clicking clack of high heel shoes...

hello all!

the weather is beautiful here in Southern Spain and we are awaiting a very special guest!!!!she arrives on Tuesday!!!! i am sooo excited i could pee! it's going to be awesome!like i said, the weather is warming up and Feria starts this week! it's the Flamenco Festivals! they are all over this region! we are sure to hit up some of the festivities!!

the boys are starting baseball this week and some pics are soon to follow! here is a pic of Colby coming home from practice, with his head out the window of the BMW. he cacks me up!so we went to Isla Magica last weekend and here is a recap in some photos! first....has anyone seen an albino peacock??? amazing! i mean the colored ones are amazing but this snow white one is so beautiful! wow! it was just hanging out! how cool.

this is a huge sculpture in the entryway! they all climbed in! here are the boys on some rides!
they love the *saltar de rana* wich translates into *the frogg hopper* and the dragon cruise. it's a nice place. the kids enjoy it! here are James and Jo on the bumper cars! and Daddy and Colbs on the llama ride!


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