Thursday, April 9, 2009

a birthday recap and a video or 3

Hello all! and happy birthday, toddy!!!

well, i had a nice birthday! thanks for all the well wishes! on Sunday we got a cake from Baskin Robbins and had a little family bday! I made cali rolls!!! yummm.Jason had to work on Monday so we had it on Sunday. Here is what my boys got for me! yeah!

Monday our friends, The Epperlys came over and surprised me witha yummy pink strawberry cake! how sweet! it's beautiful !!!she is 9 months pregnant and was due yesterday! i can't believe she baked me a cake! awesome!

COLBY HAS LEARNED TO RIDE A BIKE!!!! {with training wheels} but it's a start! he was struggeling a bit with the whole peddeling thing but now he's got it! yeah! here is a pic and a video.Also, we got a little pool for the yard! here is a sweet cheeks pic! ha ha! it looks like they are having a full on conversation!!! how funny!

here is Jamesers after a long overdue haircut!!! he looks supa cute! he sure is growing up! i can't believe he's going to be 9 in less than a month!!! wowsers! more later...



erika said...

love the 3 and 3 candles....

happy 33rd my friend.

Christy's Closet said...

"Dear Colby- I love you and want you to be safe. Please wear your helmet when you are on your bike. I miss you.