Saturday, April 4, 2009

from the far side of the ocean....


long time no post! i have to thank Jason, once again! he is an awesome blogger and hubby! i'm so lucky!

Well, as some of you know my bday is monday!! woo hoo! 33....ugh.

but, when i got to the mailbox this morning i was happily surprised to find not 1 but 2 BIRTHDAY BOXES!!!! one from by dear BFC, thank you soooo much!!! oh my goodness! you are soo thoughtful and amazing! i love all the scrappy stuff and the owlies!!! AAHHHH i totally love it! thank you. i owe you, BIG TIME! Colby says thank you for the Spidey stuff and he loved the pic Maddie drew for him. aweee so sweet. i will make you a shirt!

the pother was from my lovely inlaws!!! i have'nt opened them yet because i want to wait until Monday so i have something to open on that day. but thanks soooo much. it's nice to know people care...i'm loved.

Today we had 2 basketball games and tonight we are going to some friends for a BBQ, since it does'nt get dark here until 930pm, (seriously) we will have a late night, but it will be fun!

here is a video from the bball game, for your viewing pleasure!

more later, thanks for all my lovely packages!


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