Saturday, May 10, 2008

M I A! {long post}

Yes, i have been *missing in action* lately, but for very good reason....Jason came home for a surprise visit!!! YEAH! he came home the day after NSD and just left yesterday... :{ but this time it will only be 3 weeks until he returns, FOR GOOD!!! then it's off to another beautiful ESPANA~ yes, it is official, our next duty station is Rota, Spain!!!! HOLY MOLY! i am soooo excited! we will be there for 3 years and i can't wait! so if anyone out there reading this is from there, or Spain in general, i'd love to hear all about it!

Anyway, back to the post...So, Jason surprised the boys at the park!!! {thanks Nana and Grumps for all the help} here are a few pics! It was James birthday, so it was a special surprise! they were so thrilled to have Daddy home! We celebrated James birthday that night. it was great! The next day we went to sea world! it was so nice! not crowded AT ALL! seriously, the best time to go to Sea World is in the middle of the week, in the morning, early afternoon. it was great! we got there had lunch {we brought fron home}, then saw a bunch of exhibits and then just before they were REALLY beat, and before a meltdown occurred, we left! perfect! everyone was happy! the next few days were just the family getting re~acquainted. it was so wonderful. i can't wait until he is home with us. i think the best part of the visit was watching him with the boys. he is such a great dad, and they sure do love him. It was especially good with Jonah! we were a little worried about how he'd react, but it was like they had never been apart! so wonderful! i love you, Lova.

Now my layout and cards from NSD! this is a layout for my LSS, all Tinkering Ink love the colors! fit so perfect with those pics from Easter!this card is a lift from the awesomely talented Dani Flanders. love her cards! she rocks!this is a thank you card for some dear friends! who should be receiving it in the mail any day now! tee hee!and this one was for James! with a cute coupon i made for a fishing trip with dad. he loved it!

yes people! that's all i got done. i know i am as slow as molasses...but the outcome is always nice. it's the journey....right?

OH!!! and thanks to my wonderful, dear, sweet, so TALENTED, amazing best friend Erika for driving down here to spend NSD with me! i love you, E.

i think that covers everything.



Michelle said...

Spain? Yay!! That rocks! And lovely projects....=) thanks for the sweet words on my blog!

DayDay said...

oh my goodness- Jason came home for a surprise visit??? That is so awesome! and he will be home so soon! yippee!!

DayDay said...

Ha ha! I LOVE the thank you card! You are so amazingly talented! It's sick seriously how good you are! We love you bunches! We will see you in less than two months!