Saturday, May 17, 2008

good news!

i was asked by the store to teach my mobile class!!! they said that since i took it in yesterday, they had half a dozen people asking if it was a class!!! wahoo! it will probably be in July! i'm so excited! so if your in the San Diego/El Cajon area please come!! i'd love it!

in other{not so good} news...we have a sick kiddo. Colby is not well. He did'nt even want to go to James soccer party at the boardwalk!!! he loves that place. So we took him anyway, thinking that he would be fine once he was there { come on, i'm not the only one who's done it!} ....and as soon as we walked into the party room...he threw up all over the place. geez, i felt terrible! he was so helpless. i felt so bad. so, needless to say, we left... he threw up in the car on the way home and again once we got home. now he's sleeping. He also missed his soccer party at Chuckie Cheese. poor guy. Grandpa and Nana were so nice to go get his trophy for him. thanks guys.

more later...

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erika said...

so happy to hear about your class...bad news, the nkotb tour wont be in the states until September...they will be in LA in October and San Diego in November!!!!