Monday, March 23, 2009

London Calling

Hello London,
Well, we made it back, three kids, we didn't lose them. It was great to see the granparents, and, well, it was great to tour around a great city. It was definately a struggle with the kids to do some of the events, but you know what, if we don't do it, we'll never see Europe. So here's the first post of probably two or so of London. We did things on the cheap at first; a great Ryan air deal, the whole family round trip to London for only $600. The grandparents got there first, and we reserved a vacation apartment near the Thames at 09 Albert Embankment just across the river from Parliment and Westminster. It really was something to walk out of the apartment everyday and see Big Ben. For the boys it was reality of the "flushed away" movie that they love, for us it was history in the making.

So here's the crew, first day out after our flight back. We're headed to the Natural History Museum, of course totally free (yes Jason is a tight wad), but the kids really liked it and got a lot out of it. Just a short tube ride away, but when you calculate time and trouble, you've got to calculate how hard it is to roust 4 crazy boys anywhere, it is not easy! Trouble, trouble, and more trouble. And of course, Grandpa is the fourth troublesome child!

Here's Jo and I outsid ethe Natural History Museum

I was really impressed with how interactive all their exhibits are. I know that in the states the museums have been moving toward more interactive stuff, but England has it nailed! They had an elavated walkway over the dinosaurs that let you look at the bones eye to eye, not just on the ground looking up. The kids loved the animitronic dinos that they had there, and the cool exhibits. They even had real taxidermied animals ( a relic of the 1800's, all the animals were strangely yellowed, but hey, who kills animlas now a days anyway?). The Naturalhistory museum had great interactive displays with bugs, and other things, they loved it! I'll post more of the Science museum tomorrow, but as will be described later, museum that are interactive, or anything for that matter that involves hands on is a must with the kids. I think the grandparents had a good time, but very tiring. More posts later, Sorry that i've had to take over the posting, but Cyd just rented the Twlight movie and she's out of action. Just as a personal critique, I really think the movie Twlight is crap. Am I wrong? It's kind of a buffy the vampire slayer meets a really bad after school movie, I just don't get it. Edward dosen't sparkle that well either!!! -Jason

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erika said...

Jason, I could not agree with you more, twilight the movie, was after school is way better.

great london brave with 3 kiddos.