Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and i will drive my chariot down your street....

Hey! we are back in business! we are getting ready for our trip to london on the 18th and i'm so excited! woo hoo!!
i am also loving our new laptop! it's pretty fancy!
and in the mail today i got an early bday package from my dear, dear bff Erika. i love you more that you will ever know. thank you sooo so much. you made my day! seriously.

lookie....along with so much scrappy stuff!!! i am dazzled!
the boys are loving basketball and they had a game on Saturday! it was cute.
swimming just started again today! we are busy!

on sunday the weather was so nice that we went to the beach! her are a few pics! James and Colby made friends quickly and proceeded to bury eachother up to thier necks! good times.
Jonah was content to sit on the beach blanket with me and listen to some tunes....he's a good kiddo.
we had a great time, Jason was working in the ER, so we spent like 4 hours on the beach! it's going to be an amazing summer!



erika said...

JUST like i hoped...you looking great in your tee (LOVE your hair btw)...i seriously am so jealous...all your spanish adventures...and the beach and activities, i may need to move.

glad you liked the stuff...waiting to see some of your pages soon :)

Christy's Closet said...

OMG! Girl you look HOT! Have a great time in London. What a glam life you're living now. Travels, adventures, and 4 lovely boys. Its a good life!