Friday, February 20, 2009

i love boys who sparkle...

ok, i am done with the saga.....i think i will start over....i loved it so. aahhhh....edward....

ok, back to reality!

first a big shout out to my amazingly wonderful hubs, Jason for guest blogging for me!!! he's awesome and will never admit to it, but liked the *twilight saga* as much as i did. :)

Anyway, yes we've been traveling quite a bit and it has been both exhausting and fun. The boys are really warming up to this whole touring thing. Hopefully they will carry it with them throughout life. we can only hope, right?

here are a few pics from Portugal.
the first is a pic from Evora, about an hour outside of Lisbon. They have a bone chapel!!! it is made of the bones of the people burried in the city.....spooky. we stopped and toured the bones and let kids play in the park. We also let Jason and Jonah recover from a bit of a debackle in Merida...see we stopped for lunch at a park and decided to take a walk on the road by the river....well, Colby James and I started walking ahead of Jonah and Jason....Jonah decided to walk on the edge of the embankment and within a few seconds he was sliding down the embankment in to the stagnant, funk, murky swampy river!!! So, without hesitaton, my superhero hubs jumps right in the said river and saves the day!!! but not before his blackberry and wedding ring went flying into the abyss!!!! sad he is all injured. he hurt his elbow and knee...

here is an amazing ruin in the park. it was amazing, peacocks EVERYWHERE!
Jonah on the playset...and this pic of James is so funny! I told him to step up on the pedastal and pose like the staues we saw in the museum and he did this! all the statues had no heads...get it? ha!on the second day we went to the Oceanario in Lisbon. It was cool.ok, i will do a *Portugal Part 2* tomorrow.
but first, i got my hair did!!! it's not as great as * the hair whisperer* , {who i am missing sooo much right now}, but it will do! love the color! woo hoo!

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erika said...

the hair looks amazing...great photos from portugal.