Friday, February 6, 2009


i have been lost in twilight for two weeks...sorry. oh my gosh, it's sad and pitifull i know, but oh my goodness, these books are amazing! WOWSERS!!!! i am addicted.


read them.


erika said...

enjoyed them too, book 2 was probably my least favorite...I will email you this weekend...I hope you are good.

Shalamar said...

OMG! Love-love-love those books. I brought them for my daughter to read at night it was our thing for 2 nights, then she fell asleep on me and that was it! I read all 4 books in 10 days! I couldn't put them down! I was like in the ZONE! I felt like something was wrong wtih me!! Then saw the movie.. DVD's coming out March 21st!
So glad...I'm not alone..

I love Edward!!