Thursday, July 3, 2008

wow! it's almost the 4th!

holy moly! how did that happen?

it's summer, and you know what that means...we are busy little bees!
here's an update!

so we did the ultimate summer tradition! we went to the Del Mar Fair! always good times! this year Colby was tall enough to ride almost all the rides! so he and James got wrist bands and had a blast! Jonah got to ride a few with us. it was fun!
the only thing i wanted at the fair was the delicious, fatty, clog your arteries Aussie beer battered potatoes....oooohhh, smothered in melted cheese and ranch......aaahhhh the fair. all the same exhibits, same livestock. but worth the trip every year. our last for about 3....

on Saturday we celebrated James 8th birthday! it was science themed! now let me tell you, there are no *science* themed birthday party decorations, so i had to do them myself! it was cute. First I cut out big black question marks and taped them up around the yard and under the question marks i printed magnified objects off the Internet and taped them underneath with a clue about the object! the game was to guess what it was! there were 7 questions and we had a prize for whoever got the most right. I also had a huge pop up beaker and filled it with balloons and they had to guess how many were in it. I made DNA strands from pipe cleaners and hung them from the rafters, i got a bunch of those *hairy rubber balls* and hung them as *molecules*. We had *MAD SCIENCE* come and do experiments with the kids and they got to made *goop*. it turned out really good! and the piece De resistance!!! {scroll down}....
THE BRAIN CAKE!!!!! it was a hit! Jason helped decorate it! what a great dad!

in other news!! my BFC and I found this AMAZING new scrapbook store called *Paper Tales* in Point Loma!!!! OMG!!! soooo great! alot of true vintage finds, one of a kind embellishments....aaaahhhh we were in HEAVEN! if your in the San Diego area, seriously, check it out!

ok, that's all for now. today the boys and i are getting our passports!!!! joy!



Michelle said...

Oh, fun! How cool is that brain cake, too?? Awesome! And thanks for entering the monster giveaway, too! Happy day!

Christy's Closet said...

The brain cake was great! I love to see how creative you are in the kitchen too!