Sunday, July 27, 2008


today is Jonah's 2nd Birthday! he was born at 2:16 am. Yeah!

Yesterday we had a birthday party for both of our July B-day boys!! I'm a terrible mom. I forgot to dedicate a post to our *golden boy* Colby on his special day. His birthday was last Sunday, the 20th. He' 4!!! holy moly, how time flies.
the party was a rager! we had 18 kids, ranging in age between 8years and 1 week! it was cool! there were 2 wading pools, a bouncy pool, squirt guns, a face painter, superhero and princess costumes and a pinata! totally AWESOME!!

and Erika came down with her kiddos and husband Max!! i was so excited! what a great day!

tonight we are doing a small family party for Jonah. I will post pics tomorrow.

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