Monday, July 14, 2008

2 months...

wow! i just realized that we are shipping out to Spain in exactly 2 months! i can't believe it. i've been packing my scrap-room. slowly but surely...the movers come on the 6th of August to move our household goods. the Van gets shipped the next day and it will take 52 days to get to Spain!! i hope it's there when we get there.

Anyway, we have been enjoying the summer and Jason being home! we are BBQing at least 3 times a week and have been having dinner outside in our lovely backyard.there is always a nice cool breeze back there...even on the hottest day. i sure will miss this place....We just got ROCKBAND for the Wii!!! CRAZY FUN!!! we are all addicted! the boys love to bang away on the drums and the guitar while Daddy or I sing. great family fun!
we went to the art street fair in El Cajon and the boys got their faces painted! i think we'll hire them for Colby's birthday party! that would be fun! they were pretty reasonable. and did a good job! James always chooses something scary. Colby is supposed to be IRON MAN, but he started to wipe it off and it got all smeared. And, it always amazes me when Jonah actually lets people touch him, other than the family. he sat right down in the chair and got a *toot toot* on his cheek. totally cute! but would not sit still for a pic. oh well.
so thats what we've been up about you?


erika said...

ive mised you!!!

Seriously lets book a hotel for a weekend (or a night) and just hang before you go and before you get busier.

Maxs schedule is busy until after oli's birthday...can we plan something then??? please :)

I can book it next week.

DayDay said...

Wow! You will be leaving so soon! It will be here before you know it!

We'll be back there on the 7th. We have to get together before you leave!

I'm glad you are enjoying your summer and having Jason home!