Thursday, April 17, 2008


hey! just another lovely So Cal day.... mailed a package to Jacy today~ worked in the classroom and then had *girlie time* with Jeni! she and Ariel are off to Honduras and Belize for their lovely! we watched ANTM(totally addicted);)~ but it was fun. also got a package from my mom. {thanks momma} cute cheeseburger hats for the boys! they do an old SNL skit together. so funny!
not to much to say....sorry. so here are some pics of the boys and i at a *park play date/picnic* with my BFC and her kiddos!
and just a few more pics of my Hong Kong trip. just love these little olympic cute!the world famous Penninsula Hotel! $10,000 a night sound good to you?...i had such wonderful time and i so miss him....

such a goofball! i love it! and him soo.


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Christy's Closet said...

wow! Love the pix. Jason looks so skinny! Don't they feed him on that boat?

BTW, Cydne, check out my brand new blog! Thanks for encouraging me to just make one.

Love ya!