Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm running awaaay with the circus....

yesterday we took the boys to the Circus! I had'nt been to a circus since i was James age...7. i remember my mom and step dad taking me for my 7th birthday...wow. It was down at the Parkway Mall for 1 week. we caught the matinee show on the last day. Not to crowded so it was nice for the kids. They got to go into the ring and do some circus~ey stuff. it was cute. a good way to kill an afternoon on Presidents day. The onlything was there were no *clowns* or *amimals*...i distinctly remember clowns and animals...hhmm

after that we wnt home for an old favorite...*borscht* perfect for a cold day. yuuummmy.

today we are just hanging around the house. cleaning and watching *thomas* and *power rangers* James is off school today too! a teacher inservice or something. so we have a full house! hope your day is going great!


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inara said...

oh goody, how fun, that will be great to scrapbook!!!