Saturday, November 22, 2008


Penelope....Penny for short!!!! she is the newest addition to the Palmer clan! we finally have a girly!!!

just look at her.....she's chubby and oh so cute!!! just look at the proud Papa! he's ready to tackle the Spanish roads....hey, Whitesnake called....they want Tawny Katain back!!!! ha hahaaaa!as Simon and Garfunkle play, he heads to a peace rally.....this pic is so retro! love it!
and then theres Jonah, so dramatic! this is all because James would'nt share the paints.his life is over. poor baby. then we did a family shot. the lighting was nice.and a lovey shot....:)So, last weeekend we went to Sevilla and we walked out of the underground parking structure and what did my bleary eyes behold.....aaahhhh.....salvation. it's been 2 months since my last *bucky's* it was so lovely. the boys got hot cocoas and i did all the ordering....IN SPANISH!!!!
my classes out in town are really paying off! There are no *bucky's* here in Rota, the closest is in Sevilla wich is about an hour and twenty minutes away....sadness. i have to say, the cafe con leche that we get in town is was a little piece of home...

yes we did see other things in Sevilla. Here we are at the famous *Plaza de Toros* (bullring). Colbs was alittle disappointed because he wanted to see a real live bull. and Jonah had had enough of the guided tour, so we moved on.and went to a cathedral and walked to the top of of the Girlada, (the bell tower). it was 42 flights up. the boys did it! it was fun! no stairs, just ramps. then they ran around the *Plaza de naranjas* ( orange plaza) and found a fountian. there are many here...then went to Christopher Columbus' grave...he's supposedly in that case that the statues are carrying.....oooohwhat a nice day! the boys are getting the hang of being tourists!
and, are some of the chrismas cards i'm making. i will be mailing them out on the 1st of keep a look out for them!

miss you all,



erika said...

I get so happy when you update (you need to do it more often!!)

I miss you and I enjoy so much your adventures in Spain.

I think I would have ordered a venti if it had been 2 months...did they have gingerbread? :)

I need to know your new mailing address email me!
and in case you dont update...happy thanksgiving

-your blog stalker

thefowlerfamily said...

Hi there! I love all of your new pictures! i felt the same way about getting starbucks in korea. it was such a treat!

I need your address! Can you email it to me pour favor?

Christy's Closet said...

I agree with Erika, update more! i love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. We all miss you! BTW, were there heals on those Tawny Katain sandles? I likey!!