Saturday, November 8, 2008

hola amigos and amigas!!!

Wow! time sure flys!!! here are the boys in a parador, wich is an old castle that has been turned into a hotel!!! only in Europe. Well, we've been here about six weeks sure seems longer than that. I really love it here. i do believe i am european in my just feels right, here. I do'nt feel any of that terrible agony of not being in the states. I do'nt miss Mc Donalds, altough, i'm almost pretty sure that the boys do. ;) I will say i miss target...hee hee. and there are no scrapbooking stores here, so i do miss that, but i'm good with it. The fashion here is unbelieveable!!! i'm loving the mall! Boots are all the rage here. every style imagineable! it's good because i have been wanting boots...any reason to get new shoes is good enough for me!
I do really miss my family and friends...really. that part does suck. i wish you could all be here with us. that would be the best!!!

yesterday i was waiting for James to come home from school and decided to do an impromptu photo shoot in our yard....yes, i am the biggest dork that ever lived....don't judge me....
here is the result...
i set the timer on my camera and voila!! i think they look very victorian....i like them.

Here are a few picks of Halloween. Here James was playing the operation stick your hands in thes guts and dig around until you find a ball, if it had a 2 on it you won!!! he tried 4 times and never got the 2...poor Jamser. Colby was terrified of it. so he did'nt play.

here is the gang!

and the Colbs! Mr. Batman!!!Jonah was 3 things this year. First Thomas, then baby batman and lastly, an astronaut. at least he wore one. we were'nt sure if he would. he's a little stubborn. hee hee.and to close, here are the boys in our living room, down by the fire.



erika said...

i love it. I wish I could be looks so beautiful.
*i like the photos!*

I am finally going to be teaching at the Oasis. wish me luck.

email me ok? you mad at me? :)

Christy's Closet said...

It looks so weird to see all your stuff in a different house. And the photos... yep, you're a geek! ;) But, sadly, I love them and you look beautiful. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress. Get me one too!
Hugs and kisses to all of you!

erika said...

Cyd....GREAT sale at two peas, if you can send it to me and I can mail it international for you...

thefowlerfamily said...

Great post! It's so good to hear from you. I think your pictures are gorgeous! I desperately missed Target when we were overseas. Other than that, I didn't miss much else either besides our family and friends. I'm glad you all are settling in so well. The boys look happy too. And best of all, you and Jason are together! Yipppeee!

thefowlerfamily said...

Oh, and I did miss good grocery stores, but I imagine the food there is fabulous!

Pam said...

Cyd, I MISS YOU!! I love looking at your photos and stuff. so whatever happened to the Spanish branch of Yellow Bird?? Are you gonna set up classes or what? ;-)

Everything looks so beautiful there. Coco liked parts of Spain when she was there but the public bathrooms were weird if I recall correctly.

Okay, if you are a nerd, then you will totally understand my request -- as you travel around Europe, please keep me in mind when you take photos -- If you'd help me with my collection, here's what I like to take photos of: different kinds of manhole covers; Dave has a couple of the greatest bums ever and I'd like to expand on the collection (the English bum is stretched out tidily with a newspaper over him and the French bum is sprawled on his back in the middle of the sidewalk), and weirdly -- light fixtures, electrical outlets, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, and hardware (door knobs, hinges, drawer pulls, screws and nails, etc.) Love you to bits, have a glorious fall, keep us updated as much as possible so we can live vicariously through you!!