Monday, October 20, 2008


we are officially living in Spain!!! our house is unpacked and we are setteling into our new digs! the boys *LOVE* the place! we got them a trampoline!!! who knew it would be so much fun!

we bought a Rota *beater*... a used car from the *lemon~lot*. It's a VW Bug!!!! totally old school! i love it! i wish we could take it back to the states with us when we come home!!! but who knows how long it will last. It's a 1983...i thought that they stopped making them in the 70's but apparently only in the states. we are loving it!

I am taking spanish classes in the city and i can almost conversate!!! i actually know more than i thought! so thats a plus.

the boys are doing great! they like the new house. they are much better than when we first got here.
still no pics....still no internet...i'm at the base now blogging. it will probably be another month or so....SUCK! i will try to get a pic on here next time.

love and miss you!



Christy's Closet said...

Hi girl! Thanks for the update--at least you're able to blog. With no emails and no calls, I'm going into serious Cydders-withdrawal!

So happy to hear all is well. We also love our VW bug, a 1977. Have you named it yet? ;) Some sassy Spanish name seems appropriate....Lolita? Miss you lots!

yo mama said...

vw's r alive and well in mexico city, being made daily. they are used for taxis.... can't wait to see the house and the monkeys.. andthe bys always did love them, i drove one when i was preg w/u....ole queinda, tres neitos, e me bonita hija....te amo mucho how about charrrrrro? i see the intervention at red rock helped