Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy halloween!!!

what do you call a hotdog with no guts?....... a HOLLOW~WEENIE!!!Hey!!! we are back in the real world!!! we have phone and internet!! yeah! i will start doing regular blog posts!!!!

as promised here are a few pics of the last month!

this is a pic of our front yard! before we moved our stuff it is filled with our new friends at one of our weekend dinner parties! (check out all the kiddos!) the boys are loving it!Colby with his *special lady friend* ;)the view from our front door.Here is Jason putting up the trampoline....what a hottie!here we are at Gibralter with the infamous monkey attack! the monkey has the popcorn!
who? me........

riding the cable car up the rock! before the debacle!

Colby chatting with the monkeys...look at the monkeys expression...CrAzY!!!!
here we are in St. Micheals Cave. the boys loved it!
the boys on the beach in Chipiona.
Josie in the yard. he found this garden stake that looked like a crown. totally cute!here we are in Sevilla. 3 days after we arrived!
Jamser at a birthday halloween handsome.

thats all for now! more tomorrow!


1 comment:

erika said...

omg I am SOOO happy to see this post, I check almost every day.

I am so happy to see you all so happy!!!

Your home is GORGEOUS...I seriously cant wait to visit you :)

Send me your new address or is the old one still good.

more photos please....:)

happy halloween!!!!