Saturday, August 16, 2008

ins and outs

things around here are moving right along. some days are frustrating. like when you go into the kitchen to cook a meal for your family, then realize that you have nothing to cook the pasta in, or that you can't make enchiladas because you don't have a baking dish, or measuring cups to measure rice....ugh. But there is definitely something to be said about this minimalist lifestyle...let go of the clutter and you are free....

less than a month to scary. and exciting.

today we are off to the beach! yeah!


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erika said...

What are you doing Sunday??? I am afraid this LA thing wont happen but maybe we can drive down there on Sunday, lunch, walk, get makeovers at the neiman marcus counter in LA? shop (window ;) and dinner? maybe museum or movie??? an all day thing? can you do it? or even just most of the day? what do you think?