Tuesday, August 12, 2008

bare bones

we are down to the wire. only 34 days and a wake up until we are off to Spain. The movers came on Wednesday and Thursday for the *pack out* now we are living on bare bones. We stocked the rooms with lovely air mattresses and our clothes are in our suitcases. We took one of our outdoor furniture sets and moved it into the dining room for our table and got this cutie little futon from Target! as you can see, Jonah found it very comfortable. The kids are having a rough time with this transition. They are bonkers! they do'nt know what to do. but we are adjusting. We are heading to Vegas on the 7th of September for a week, then to the Navy Lodge for 2 nights before we embark on our 15 hour flight! woo hooo! it's going to be quite and adventure.

On Saturday my dear friends little boy turned 2 so we drove down to the OC to celebrate! it was a good time. lots of kids to play with!
more soon.

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