Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2 weeks...later

no i did not fall off the face of the earth...I have just been breathing...literally. Since Jason has been home things have been sweet! I love being a *family* again. The boys are all over him! whereever he goes they follow. Jo is getting better. almost 100%. He's still alittle aprehensive...but not to bad. That was the hardest for Jason. Jo has changed the most of all the boys and he missed it. But things are great!We are all so happy, it's almost sickening. But I love it, but i still feel dread that he'll be leaving us again in January. Definitely not enough time to be home with us. Hopefully it will go smoothly and when he returns we will be packing our bags for our *overseas* adventure! What a life. Tomorrow we are going here for a little R&R! Should be fun! we are staying overnight and going to try to attempt the fireworks~ maybe this time.
I want to give my dear friend a hug and kiss for a safe trip to Guatemla. I will be saying prayers for you and the family!
promise i will update more regularly... sorry

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erika said...

i love you :)

and my heart is warm knowing you are so happy because no one deserves happiness more than you!

enjoy tomorrow!!!